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True love is absolutely limitless - in Miss30’s eyes. Perhaps the best notion is to love one's self.

We - Miss30 - with our mission, as well as our creativity, always endeavor incessantly to bring out our best products to the more beautiful half of the species. Being conscious of health, comfort and elegance in desing, we also remain aware of those hidden thoughts within the minds of those that select such garments. Femininity’s secret to being confident lies in what they’re wearing ultimately affecting a woman’s mental processes and perceptions. Style is a wonderful, subtle language and clothing is arguably the best way to show the whole world how you love and respect yourself.

Our debut product is "Lingerie by Miss30."

“Lingerie by Miss30” embraces hand-tailored undergarments, nightdresses and housecoats made from only the highest quality materials as selected by big manufacturers supplying all of the highly regarded and well-known existing lingerie brands. Our goal is to ensure custom products that guarantee comfort for our beloved Misses in the most intimate of places. Coming soon is "Weekend by Miss30." Contrary to our lingerie line, "Weekend by Miss30" will include limited quantities of hand-tailored outer garments for going out. These pieces have been designed with the visions of both flattering elegance and charm while still ensuring the presence of sophistication and comfort to the women when wearing them. We use all of the light and flowing materials expected when sophistication meets elegance such as silk, voile silk, silk union and cotton. And, of course, another advantage to the selection of these materials is the transparent -almost iridescent- type of effect allowing you to show off a bit of the details of the undergarments you've selected below in a delicately stylish way. After you had the invaluable experiences of your twenties, we wish nothing more than to be there for the sweet seduction filled mysteriousness of your next decades. Allow us to be there and nurture you carefully towards being more of a complete woman. -Miss30-